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Hi Guys,
Thanks for coming to check out my blog.

About a week ago I decided to take my creative side of me and try making cards, with the help of the great products that Stampin' Up offer and my wonderful friend Jessie who showed me the products (This is a link to her blog

If you want to check out their create products just head over to this address 

I was so excited when my first order arrived that I wanted to start Stampin' up straight away, however all my inks were in my second parcel. After what felt like forever(but really was the next day) all the rest of my great products arrived. YAY!! Even better my daughter was at daycare, so I had free rein to craft to my hearts content without any interruptions(Except my stomach at lunch time). 

Prior to joining up to Stampin' Up I had spent A LOT of time on YouTube and Pinterest getting great ideas on what to create. Hence my dilemma, when it came time to start stamping I had no idea where to start. I just had to pick a set and go with it. 

I really loved the Foxy friends photopolymer bundle and had seen this great card for inspiration. 
Thanks to Wendy in USA - This is the link to her version of the card she also has a video to show you how she did it. 

So this is my very first card, I hope of many to come.

Thanks for stopping to check out my first post, and I hope you come back as I learn to create more amazing cards,

Love, Tori & TeAo xxoo


  1. This is such a great post - entertaining & fun! You're a natural blogger! Thanks for linking me! xx


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